Why Laser-Tag?

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LASERTAG is smart combat simulating sport where safe and contemporary technology based on Infrared Light emission guns are used.

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  • No projectiles = no pain, no injury
  • Great range, more than 150 meters!
  • Fair play only, no unclear situation
  • High versatility of the games
  • No impact to environment

More about Laser-Tag benefits...

We organize public and private incentive events. Teambuilding workshops, birthdays parties, …, or just for FUN. The game is available for everybody, all ages, almost any location.

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23. 05. 2015

Lasertag indoor event - Vajnorská, BA

Despite of bad weather conditions bachelor party was held in planned adrenaline and sporting spirit in indoor spaces of Vajnorská, BA. 




01. 10. 2014

New outdoor playground for Lasertag events

New outdoor LT playground 7km from the spa town of Velky Meder with an area of about 4 hectares with a 2 hectares pond and forest, where you can fully enjoy the adrenaline and the fun of the game lasertagovej.



21. 04. 2011

Laser-Tag guns for sale

12 commercial - grade Laser - Tag guns for just 3.480,- Euro.